I have presented at various events like The North American Bitcoin Conference, Chicago North America Bitcoin Conference, World Blockchain Forum, NH Liberty Forum & more.

Spacesuit X – The North American Bitcoin Conference 2018

2018 Texas Bitcoin Conference

2017 Texas Bitcoin Conference

Spacesuit X – World Blockchain Forum (2017)

Worcester Economics Club (2017)

The North American Bitcoin Conference 2017

The Anarchist #334: Bruce Fenton (2017)

Erik Voorhees & Bruce Fenton Bitcoin Fireside Chat (2015)

Bitcoin Keynote from Isle of Man – The Future of Bitcoin (2014)

Inside Bitcoin London Keynote – Emerging Markets & the Bitcoin Race (2014)

Bitcoin and the NY Bitlicense Proposed Regulations (2014)

Chicago N. America Bitcoin Conference – Philanthropy, Emerging Markets & Regulation (2014)

Bitcoin UAE: Juan Llanos, Fouad Jeryes, Bruce Fenton in Dubai on Bitcoin & Government Acceptance (2014)

Bitcoin Basics and Regulation Thoughts from NH Liberty Forum (2014)

Bitcoin is not just a Fad, but a New Invention (2014)

Texas Bitcoin Conference 2014